Châtelaines (tools for curators), 2014

6 Chatelaines (exhibition overview at DLFA)   2014

The Châtelaines are historical forms adapted as tools for curators of contemporary art. A Châtelaine is an ornamental waist-hung appendage of European origin with suspended chains that originally held the keys of a castle or functional daily tools.


Museum London, 2015, London, Canada
AGYU (Art Gallery of York University), 2014, Toronto, Canada
De Luca Fine Art | Gallery, 2014, Toronto, Canada




Marvin & Dara Singer Châtelaine for Magic Pony and Narwhal Co-Founder Kristin Weckworth Châtelaine for Art Gallery of York University Assistant Director/Curator Emelie Chhangur Châtelaine for Art Gallery of York University Director Philip Monk Châtelaine for Artist and Indie Curator Derek Mainella Châtelaine for Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art Artistic Director & Curator David Liss Châtelaine for Winnipeg Art Gallery Curator of Contemporary Art Paul Butler 6 Chatelaines (exhibition overview at DLFA)