Châtelaines (tools for curators), 2014

Châtelaine for Art Gallery of York University Assistant Director/Curator Emelie Chhangur   2014

The Châtelaines are historical forms adapted as tools for curators of contemporary art. A Châtelaine is an ornamental waist-hung appendage of European origin with suspended chains that originally held the keys of a castle or functional daily tools.

Bird carrying and being carried by fabric tied to curator’s waist, Prada for Filthy By Nature dress with jacket, glasses, Melissa for Filthy by Nature shoes, non- standing goblet at feet; Lifecast hands and face

FBN Chatelaine tools:
1. Vial of blood from Camilla – Trust in the artist’s practice
2. Eraser – Compromise, undefined roles for an artist and a curator to create a project; use the artist’s tools, ready to change as necessary, methods learned according to the needs of the work (nothing is indelible)
3. Tooth, extracted and stained blue – Communication
4. Magnets with Notebook – Out there with the artist doing every aspect (natural forces, community and connection, travel, diary, storytelling)
5. Feather – Negotiation (effortless resilience)


Museum London, 2015, London, Canada
AGYU (Art Gallery of York University), 2014, Toronto, Canada
De Luca Fine Art | Gallery, 2014, Toronto, Canada




Marvin & Dara Singer Châtelaine for Magic Pony and Narwhal Co-Founder Kristin Weckworth Châtelaine for Art Gallery of York University Assistant Director/Curator Emelie Chhangur Châtelaine for Art Gallery of York University Director Philip Monk Châtelaine for Artist and Indie Curator Derek Mainella Châtelaine for Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art Artistic Director & Curator David Liss Châtelaine for Winnipeg Art Gallery Curator of Contemporary Art Paul Butler 6 Chatelaines (exhibition overview at DLFA)