Boli, 2014

Boli (gold)   2014

Clay, glaze, gold leaf, rosebuds, violet petals, peony petals, rose petals, lavender, acorns, pearls, quartz, amethyst, 12 sided die, unicorn

12 x 15 x 7 in   |   30 x 38 x 18 cm

The Bolis are historical forms adapted as tools for curators of contemporary art. The Boli references a zoomorphic quadruped mystical power object of West African origin.


Museum London, 2015, London, Canada
AGYU (Art Gallery of York University), 2014, Toronto, Canada
De Luca Fine Art | Gallery, 2014, Toronto, Canada




Boli (gold) Boli (gold) Boli (silver) Boli (silver)