Secrets, 2010 - ongoing

Secret VIII   2012

graphite on paper

26 x 42 in   |   66 x 107 cm

Variation 2

The drawings in this ongoing series are my personal secrets written out and transcribed onto large drawing paper. They are no longer legible because one sentence is written on top of the next. I think of these secrets as embodying both definitions of the word sublimation: a diversion of the energy associated with an unacceptable impulse or drive into a socially acceptable activity, and in Chemistry: to change from a gas to a solid. Most of my work is about work and transformation and this series is part of that. There are aspects of ourselves that are not allowed out in the open and in that sense it is an edited version of ourselves that we present to eachother. The Secrets drawings are a sublimation of thoughts. They are the cumulative effect of one thought or situation piled on top of another. They delineate a hidden realm that directs libidinous urges or primitive impulses into another more socially acceptable direction. They are the solid deposit of a psychic state, the sublimation of a thought into physical form.


2013: "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", de luca fine art, Toronto
2012: "Distortion", Angell Gallery, Toronto




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