MORTIFIED (Hatch), 2012

Band shot (face)   2012


Mortified was invited to do a residency at Harbourfront Centre as part of the HATCH program. The residency granted us access to work in the Studio Theatre with lighting and audio technicians and a production coordinator for five days. On the 6th day we presented the work in progress publicly. Here is the introduction we wrote for the program that night.

Message from MORTIFIED

Welcome! Are we ever glad you’re here! What you’re about to see is the result of an 8 month collaborative process, culminating in our 5 day residency in the Studio Theatre. MORTIFIED is our experimental new collaboration. Conceptually we think of MORTIFIED as a band that uses tap dancing, drumming and cheerleading as its instruments. With references such as heavy metal music, military drumming and formations, choreographic approaches to the drum kits and the sonic possibilities of pom poms, we’ve created a set list of songs to debut tonight.

We wanted to work on something with outcomes we couldn’t
predict, and that’s where we are now. What you’re seeing is raw. We were still working on it 10 minutes ago and we’ll be working on it again 10 minutes from now.

Purposefully entering unknown territory while learning new things has at times meant getting into uncomfortable and sometimes hilarious situations. Taking these risks may work sometimes, and other times make us look like gigantic jackasses. Let us know where we’ve landed. Tell us what you really think, because we’re ready for it.

We hope you are as mortified as we are,
Jenn Goodwin & Camilla Singh

Band shot by Walter Willems.

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April14, 2012 (work in progress)
Studio Theatre at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto CANADA




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