UNHOLY ALLIANCE: Art + Fashion Meet Again, 2006

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"Unholy Alliance: Art + Fashion Meet Again" is a group exhibition curated for the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the "Alphabet City Festival 2006: Thrash" with works by:

Nick Cave
Lydia K
Clemencia Labin
Kent Monkman
Matthew Vescovo
Viktor & Rolf

The always cozy yet contentious relationship between art and fashion raises its well-coiffed head again! Delightful and socially charged, flamboyant and political, whimsical and severe, this version of the art vs. fashion discourse is played out by Canadian and international artists through the mediums of painting, photography, installation, couture and sculpture.

Live performances by Ulysses Castellanos, Phillip Ing, Lydia K and Kent Monkman.

The exhibition was supported by Alexander McQueen, Puma and MAC Cosmetics

Exhibition documentation by Walter Willems

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October 5 November 12, 2006
Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto, Canada




Installation view Exhibition title wall with Kent Monkman Kent Monkman Kent Monkman Installation view Clemencia Labin Clemencia Labin Installation view Nick Cave Nick Cave Installation view Lydia K Lydia K Lydia K Matthew Vescovo Matthew Vescovo Performance by Ulysses Castellanos